Born in San Jose, California, Stuefloten moved to Carmel Highlands in the mid 1940’s. Stuefloten went to Bay School from 3rd and 4th grade when he moved to Carmel and then Sunset from 4th to 8th grade and graduated from Carmel High School. Stuefloten has over 35 years of experience in the painting, construction and design fields and brings his advanced expertise and knowledge to every project. He prides himself in the quality of his workmanship and is known and respected for his accomplishments on projects of historical significance.

Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting offers a wide range of painting and restoration services. Stuefloten specializes in labor intensive Old World techniques that include lime washing, intricate faux finishing and custom color mixing. From an early age, Stuefloten became fascinated with design and painting through his father who helped Hugh Comstock build Carmel’s trademark cottages.

As a painter specializing in historic restoration and recently awarded the Fine Painters of Europe prestigious Certified Painter, Stuefloten has put his mark on several high profile local projects. He has been tasked with the interior restoration for Crespi Hall at the Carmel Mission, a building which has been in continuous use since 1797. The goal of this restoration is to update the image of the Hall from the 18th Century to the 21st Century without anyone realizing the difference.

Because of his great success with other high profile historical landmarks, Stuefloten was recently commissioned as the painter for two important local restoration projects: Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur and Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove.

Stuefloten learned his craft in the 1950’s before latex and high tech painting tools. He still uses old world techniques to restore and create the highest quality projects. Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting has been serving the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas since 1993. Fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Jon Stuefloeten is a Certified Painter by “Fine Paints of Europe”

Fine Paints of Europe has established a Certified Painting Contractor Program intended to provide homeowners with a source of carefully trained contractors familiar with their coatings and experienced in their application — contractors whose quality of work that can be recommend with confidence.

In order for Jon to become a certified painter, he had was nominated by a local Fine Paints retailer and confirmed to Fine Paints of Europe to be a professional of good character who has worked with their paints for at least five years. He attended a weekend training session in Woodstock, Vermont where he was formally introduced to each of the paint families and the best application techniques. Jon Stuefloten’s Restoration Painting certification requires that they continue to provide Fine Paints of Europe clients with first quality work at a fair price.


Uriel Jimenez

Uriel Jimenez, our foreman, has worked for Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting for 21 years. A Salinas resident, Uriel is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico and has three children – a 22-year-old son and 19 and 8 year old daughters. In his spare time he likes to run, watch and go to soccer games, watch movies and play sports. He is also a black belt in taekwondo. Uriel likes to travel and has been many places including a visit to Europe. He also goes to Cancun every year. What he loves most about his job is the opportunity to make clients happy by transforming their homes.

Marco Jimenez

Painter Marco Jimenez, the son of our foreman Uriel Jimenez, is 22 years old, a full-time student and has worked with Jon Stuefloten for 5 or 6 years during the summer months. Marco has a 1½-year-old daughter named Milena. He started coming to work with his dad on weekends when he was in the sixth-grade. He often runs with his dad and, like his dad, loves to travel, see new places and cultures, explore and learn new things. But his biggest passion, just like his dad, is playing and watching soccer. Marco is attending Hartnell College in Salinas, studying business. He would like to start his own business once he gets his degree. He has gained a lot of experience and knowledge working with Jon and enjoys the process of making things look better for the clients.

Jose Quintanar

Painter Jose Quintanar has worked for Jon Stuefloten for 15 years. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, Jose has four children – 12, 10 and 5-year-old daughters and a 2-year-old son. Juan likes to spend time with his family and go out to dinner. Chinese food and Olive Garden are favorites. Juan also owns a mini horse and visits and feeds it in his spare time. He loves everything about his job. He always tries to do the best job he can, likes to learn new things and likes working with the crew.


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