Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting utilizes artistic talent and dedication to excellence in order to create outstanding end results. Our services can not only increase the value of properties, but we can also enrich and protect for the years to come. The professional team at Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting is devoted to outstanding customer gratification.

Restoration Painting

With several years of experience in historic restoration projects, we have the ability to dramatically improve the appearance of your property and greatly increase its value. Revitalizing your historic property and returning it to its former glory can be an incredibly satisfying undertaking.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Jon Stuefloten Restoration Painting is a full service paint company, offering both interior and exterior painting services. We take great pride in our level of expertise and the high quality of our finished work.

Color Counseling

Choosing the correct color(s) for your project is a very important part of the painting process. We offer professional color counseling to help ensure that the end result meets expectations. Our goal is to make the appearance of your property the best it can possibly be.

Custom Color Mixing

Mixing Custom color mixing greatly increases your options and enhances the choices of colors available. We have the experience and knowledge to expertly mix colors to create the custom colors you desire for any project.

Faux Finishes

Faux painting became hugely popular in Classical times in the forms of faux marble and wood and Trompe l’oeil Murals. Using faux and decorative finishes can add beauty and value to your home by creating the illusion of texture and variation on plain surfaces. Examples of faux finishes include, distressing, antiquing, marbling, and rag painting. Custom faux finishes can be applied to just about any surface or material.

Lime Wash

The art of the lime wash has been around for thousands of years and practiced in several cultures. Lime washing adds a soft, subtle texture, with a white chalkiness to the finish.

Wood Graining

Wood graining is a centuries old painting technique used to stimulate the appearance of wood. This dramatic technique can be applied to doors, painted furniture or interior trim molding.


Texturing a wall is a decorating option that many people forget to consider. Texturing can make a bold dramatic statement, turning a plain wall into a striking part of the overall design.

Drywall Repair

In addition to painting, we also offer drywall and plaster repair services. We have the tools and expertise to do the job quickly and provide a top quality professional finish.

Pressure Washing

A good first appearance on a home can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value. Keeping your home clean and well cared for not only improves the look, it increases the value. We offer full service pressure washing for both project preparation and home maintenance purposes.


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